Special-purpose labels

For individual solutions typical of a particular application or sector of industry, we recommend using special-purpose labels. Depending on the requirements, the label can consist of one or multiple layers while the tagging can be either permanent or temporary.

They are made of foil or paper with increased resistance parameters.

VOID labels

Labels used to secure equipment against access of third parties throughout the warranty period. They leave a mark on the device that cannot be removed.

Crumbling seal labels

Self-adhesive labels that crumble when somebody attempts to break the seal, which leaves a permanent mark on the glued surface.

Machine nameplates

Labels that contain information regarding a machine, such as: its name, date of manufacture, serial number, working parameters, safety certificates, etc.

Vinyl labels

Vinyl labels are intended for various tagging purposes in extreme conditions. Without a doubt, one may call it a PREMIUM product that is used by producers who choose the highest quality possible.


Polyprint is a matt material for labels that is resistant to seawater and is also applied in the sector of industrial chemistry.

Foil labels

PE (polyethylene) foil and PP (polypropylene) foil – it is a raw material with prolonged resistance to external factors in all places where paper labels are of no use. What is more, polyethylene is also a practical solution in spaces where the label is folded and attached on edges (increased tension).