Label one tags

Tags and tag cards

Number 1 on the market

The offer of Label1 includes tags made of various types of plastic (such as PET polyester, PP polypropylene, PE polyethylene, TYVEK, PVC) with increased resistance to weather conditions, abrasion, oils, UV radiation, grease or fatty oil. It is a very popular product among customers of Label1 thanks to the wide range of applications of the product in harsh weather conditions. Tags and tag cards do not disintegrate, e.g. during impregnation processes, drying or storage of wood, processing of metal or other parts subject to wear. They can be used in an environment with temperatures ranging from -60 to + 150oC. Tags are made of white or colored extra smooth material. Both sides are prepared for thermal transfer printing. For thermal transfer printers, one can also use tags and tag cards with pre-printed logo of the producer. They allow text written with a marker pen; they have a hole for hanging.

Tag cards are an alternative for tags, which means that they are a cheaper consumable material. Those products are made of environmentally-friendly paper. They can be used in all cases where there is a need for one-off labeling of goods.

We also offer tags and tag cards with perforation that facilitates attaching, ripping out and moving. There is a possibility of print upon request. Tag cards serve as inserts in bag type packaging.



  • metallurgic and metal industry, tags allow quick and automatic identification of products at individual stages of production, during transport and storage of, e.g. a bundle of pipes, rods, grates and reinforcement mesh
  • tagging of containers with very small details
  • in gardening for identification of trees, shrubs and flowers. Resistance of the label to mechanical damage and weather conditions allows legibility of tags on cuttings (seedlings) for many years
  • • tickets and passes for leisure and sport facilities (ski lifts, swimming pools, stadiums, entertainment and sport halls); cultural centers (clubs, discos, theaters, movie theaters). Tag cards have permanent information printed on them (address of the facility, website, phone number) as well as the date, time, seat number
  • logistics pallet tagging
  • construction materials bricks, hollow bricks, roofing tiles, paving stones
  • tags used in the jewelry industry
  • wood industry tagging of timber at sawmills, wood storehouses, product warehouses
  • textiles clothing, footwear – material content, barcode, washing instructions
  • tags for luggage frequently used at airports and hotels. They are used to carry personalized personal data, luggage with a printed barcode