Self-adhesive thermal transfer labels are characterized by high durability of the print and great resistance to external factors (foil labels), such as temperature, humidity, grease, and ultraviolet rays, depending on the used raw materials. They retain their resistance throughout the whole period of use of the labeled product.

Self-adhesive labels are a very popular product on the market and are of great interest for the customers due to the wide range of applications and the cheapest print technology in the world.


  • Production and logistics – tagging of goods during the production process, identification of subassemblies

  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare – tagging of medicines, laboratory samples

  • Transport – shipment and collection of consignments

  • Food – among others: baking, meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables industry

  • Beverages – eye-catching labels

  • Safety measures and brand protection in order to secure your products against counterfeits

  • Household chemistry and cosmetics

  • Oils and industrial chemistry

  • Retail

  • Tires – make, type of tire, size and barcode

  • Electronic equipment

  • Furniture industry

  • And many other

Material types:

  • matte paper

  • semi-glossy paper

  • PP foil

  • PE foil

  • vinyl

  • PVC