Preprinted Labels – stand out among others!

Thanks to an advanced machine park, we are able to print up to 10 colors, which gives unlimited possibilities.

Nowadays, colored labels are an essential form of information medium. Thanks to multi-colored labels, you can adjust them to your individual needs. Depending on the raw material used during the production process, your labels can be utilized, for instance, for information purposes, e.g. in food industry where information such as the producer’s name and address, the contents, unit weight of the package, information on allergens and other details required by regulations may be highlighted on the back of the package, leaving sufficient space on the front for the logo and graphical elements promoting the product. Additionally, depending on the product, at the very stage of labeling of, e.g. cardboard packages, it is possible to implement colored distinctions based on the packed product. Such a solution significantly improves the time of product identification and facilitates the product warehousing and handing-over process.

We treat every customer individually and exceptionally while our designers will provide you with labels that match the shape and color of the product. We will ensure fast delivery of finished labels to the indicated address.

Labels will meet the requirements imposed by producers of various printing devices, such as BIZERBA, MEDESSA, DIGI, ZEBRA, ELTRON, CITIZEN, SATO.

Paper and foil labels in our offer:


Product labels

Produced from the highest quality self-adhesive materials. For years, they have been admired due to the presented high level of quality. Labels are printed with flexography method, only with the use of the UV technique up to 10 colors with the added possibility of using a rotary screen. Due to the very high demand on the market, production of labels is impressive in terms of growth and number of various applications which constantly expand the assortment in the group of decorative labels.


  • produced with flexography technology and made of the highest-quality self-adhesive paper with heat-sensitive properties

  • for overprint on thermal printers and labeling scales

  • pre-printed (logo, background, graphical elements)

  • UV varnishing, semi-gloss, matt

In order to increase the esthetic value, UV varnish is applied onto the printed surface to add a protective layer

Products are manufactured based on the Customer’s requests and made of two types of paper: Paper: glossy, matte, structural; Foil: PP, PE, PET, PVC, white, silver, gold, transparent, etc. E, PET, PVC, white, silver, gold, transparent, etc.

Print technologies

In the case of print of white and colored labels, we use several overprint technologies:


The cheapest technology of industrial print that allows printing of up to 10 colors. Recommended for customers who want to significantly reduce costs in high-volume orders with the option of print of consistent patterns without visible connections. The whole process involves separating each component color at the design stage and then, thanks to advanced flexography machines, respective colors are applied on the label individually. As a result, the print of labels retains the highest standards within a short completion time with up to 10 colors per label (e.g. 10+0; 9+1; 5+5), including additional elements, such as gilding and silvering.

Digital printing

We offer the technology of digital printing to customers who require small volumes of labels. This method of productions allows for personalization of print, implementation of variable data, combining different designs of the same size, as well as implementation of frequent changes in the project without additional costs for printing plates.

Another important aspect of this technology is the shorter order completion time since there is no need for printing plates, which additionally lowers the costs of production

Thermal transfer

Technology that utilizes overprint with the use of a thermal transfer tracing paper (also known as ribbon, wax ribbon or resin ribbon, etc.) on paper or foil labels as well as tags.

In case of orders that use this technology, we can also offer, upon the customer’s request, a special printer for independent overprinting of labels, delivering labels without the overprint or with initial overprint.