Authorized vendor:
Gama System Polska Sp. z o.o.
st. Maleckiego 1
25-448 Kielce


phone numbers:
+48 41 368 33 68
+48 41 348 08 64
+48 600 210 683

In order to facilitate the processing of your inquiry and receive a fast valuation, please specify the following parameters of labels or tags:

  • Material, for example: matte paper, glossy paper, foil, thermal paper, PP, PE, PVC, other.
  • Size: width in mm x height in mm.
  • Type of adhesive: water, natural rubber, easily-removable, deep-freeze, extra strong, special-purpose, other, without adhesive.
  • Quantity: as a single order, regular monthly consumption, etc.
  • Preferred method of packing: number of rolls for printing, rolls for the labeler, etc.